New Year

Hello everyone,

haven't seen you in a while.

Sorry about that, but, well, it doesn't look like a lot of people read this anyway.

What have I been up to? The end of my 3rd semester is coming closer which means I spend a lot of time finding ways to procrastinate (btw this is one of them, but I already studied for 3 hrs this morning, so I think I deserve a break). Well I still have 2 weeks until finals week(s). No reason to be worried...

This semester I have been really really busy, thank God I found time to sleep in between all my activities:
First of, I'm now a life group leader at Cru. Then I also took on a few jobs at Kirche im Club, which is a massive students-service/outreach that we have 2-3 times per semester at one of the biggest clubs this town has (between 600-850 students and young come to this quite different service). And I started a new job at the local pool. And I started taking care of a severely autistic 15-year-old boy for a few hours once or twice a week. And then I had plans to still do things with my friends or have a social life outside of the University halls.
Worked out great!
Oh, yes, and I'm still a full-time student!

But seriously, I have been really busy trying to juggle school work, volunteering, work and social life but I also love everything I do (most of the time). I'm very thankful to have all these amazing friends and especially my roommates who put up with my helper-syndrome and my craziness and who I can laugh with, celebrate nonsense events with, talk about life, ask philosophical questions like why someones butt looks differently in sweatpants compared to skinny jeans (we're still not finished with that discussion), but also talk about our spiritual life and discuss questions about God, his ways, and how we are doing in our daily Christian life.

What else is new in my life?
Oh, yes, my brother had his second baby in November, Jannik. He was a few weeks early, but everything is fine and he is doing great. I really don't understand how people can still question if there is a God who fearfully and lovingly created this universe and each and every single one of us, when they look at a newborn baby.

And to leave you with a little cliffhanger (and me with a reason to write more often):
Hopefully not for long anymore: From this side of the world (if God grants me this wish) to the US,
I miss all of you and love you!

Segenregen (rain shower of blessings),