Happy Easter

So. I have been thinking about what to post on this blog, because apparently my life isn't interesting enough to write something every week.
But that's what I'd really like to do.

So I'm going to introduce you guys a little more to Germany, traditions and whatever I can think of.

The summer semester started last week, for about 3 days, and then we already went on Easter break which I went home for. Mostly because on the 19th it was my Grandmas 89th birthday and I hadn't been there to celebrate for the last 2 years, but I'm glad I got to be home for a few more days, because Easter at our house is usually pretty fun, too.

One thing I really really love about Easter in (North) Germany (and it's not too awesome, because the whole place smells terrible afterwards, but for me Easter doesn't really feel complete without it) is the annual "Osterfeuer" (which is easter + fire in German) on Saturday night.
Some towns do it on other days around Easter but that just seems weird to me.
Not to mention that the whole idea is kind of weird:
Each town has a field or something where people can bring the wood, bush cut or similar stuff and it all goes on a big pile and on Saturday night this massive bonfire is being light, people party, drink and pass out in the next field. Smart move: Get rid of garden waste and have a reason to party all in one.

But it's this tradition that I grew up with, so I was really looking forward to going there..once we were there I was ready to leave after a minute, because I had forgotten how incredibly drunk people in Germany get and it's still socially acceptable.

We stayed for a while anyways and ran into some old neighbors, uncles of kindergarten-friends and I saw some people who I graduated High School with. That really shows you that my town is not really big and pretty much everyone knows everyone, but it's fun nevertheless.

On Easter Sunday morning at like 5:45am my parents and I went into the woods behind our house, to sing some worship songs, pray and read devotionals together - I love that time of day, when everyone's still asleep, but the birds are singing as loud as they can, the moon is still there, the sun is rising and it's still cold and a little foggy.

How can someone live in a world like that and think all that wasn't created by a wonderful, loving, perfect God?

Later my brother and his family came over for breakfast and to go on an egg hunt in our backyard - we always have moss nests made from actual moss that I gather from the woods, which was really fun for Kim (my niece) and the rest of us, too. We keep telling us that the Easter bunny came and dropped all these chocolate eggs, that we are just throwing around and dropping and then someone (mostly one of the adults..) runs off and says "Oh look, I found some." - no matter if they just saw the other person throwing them or not. Yup, I don't think thats normal. But it's fun - so who cares? :)

 So, that's Easter at home in Germany for me.

How was your Easter - any special family traditions?

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