Happy 1. baptism day...

Who cares about a birthday when you have the day of your baptism... ;)

Today last year, I hopped into that pool with Pastor Arlena and got baptized. And so much has happened since then.

Right now I'm back at my parents' because we have almost 2 months break between the semesters. I'm doing an internship (one of many to come) for University and am waiting for the last results of my finals. The ones I already got were pretty good, but some tests were really hard, which none of us expected. Also I'm enjoying spending some quality time with my family, especially my niece :)

Anyway. I'm really missing the States and church and my (host)fam and all my friends, but I also got it pretty good here - the kind of good you get when let God take the wheel.

I got into this University where I can still study in the "old" system, which is a lot better when you have plans on becoming a teacher.
I get to study both of the two subjects I couldn't choose between (English and Music, well and I have to do German but I can live with that...).
I have the most wonderful roommates.
I am part of a Campus für Christus (the German equal of Cru)- group where we get to do all these amazing things for students and our city, because God is being so unbelievably generous and faithful.
I found a wonderful church.
I have exciting prophecies and prayers I'm doing my best with to fulfill.

And the only one who can really take credit for getting things to turn out the way they are and did is the King of Kings himself - it's just so great to see and be with him in action and give him thanks for all that. I have learned so much about myself too and its insane how much damage people and what they say can do in your heart.. but I'm grateful for all the bad things that happened to me in my life because that just gives me a better perspective/look on Gods works and miracles that he has been doing.

Last weekend I spent volunteering at the Willow Creek Leadership Conference in Leipzig. It was so cool, exhausting, but a ton of fun.
You know sometimes, when you just live your everyday Christian life it can make you feel as if there are not a lot of Christians and people that share the same beliefs out there - thats not true.
We are part of a huge army, but you fighting any fight alone is going to destroy you.
So - to say it in Pastors Brians/Arlenas/any Kingsway members words: Get in a group. ;)
Being part of Cru has been such a blessing for me - to know you have true friends, people that think of you, love you and support you - it has helped figure out a lot of things (ironically mostly also about myself) this semester.

More next time,