Hey guys! Wow, after my kind of promising start with this well-thought-through idea of keeping an blogging on a regular basis the project went really far downhill - until now. Hopefully. In my defense, I was pretty busy trying to live my life in a new-old-culture, with the knowledge of having a whole "second life" on the other side of this beautiful world. And this was and is hard. Really really really hard. Harder than I ever expected. I pretty much have one mental breakdown a week where things just get too much to cope with. Unfortunately for the first 3 weeks in August I was so busy "working" (week #1: volunteering at a horse event, 60-70 hrs in 6 days, week #2: preparing everything for my brothers wedding, that was gonna go down in our backyard in a huge tent and with about 150 people coming. And there was pretty much no concept, plan or anything for anything. week #3: Finally doing something and getting paid: groom at a horse auction center. But everyone there made me so nervous about making a tiny mistake that I was actually having night mares that week. Also, having a horse step on my foot/toe and realizing 6 days later that something might be broken - turns out it was - didn't push the fun either.) And besides doing all this stuff I kept refreshing my e-mail inbox hoping for an acceptance mail from one of the 10 colleges that I had applied to when I was still in the States. I got 3 positive e-mails, but one of them turned out to be a glitch in the system and was sent out wrongly. So only 2 to choose from. 6 that rejected my application. Still no word from a last one. So I decided to enroll at the University of Würzburg. I had just applied "for fun" to see if I would get in. But some things made them very likeable once I had to think about the idea of studying there. 4 hrs from home (by car, 3 ½ by train). In Bavaria. 
So far so good. 
My next step of finding a place to live is still in progress so I'll write about it next time. 
What have you guys been up to? This morning I started wondering what kind of faucet I had at home in Moorestown.. This is the stuff I was worried about.. All these things I never really paid attention to because they were just part of my life. And now I'm already forgetting some of them.. I know it's crazy.. Why this fuss about a faucet.. But it was my life and I don't want to loose/forget a second of it!

I miss every single one of you! 
Be blessed!